Night Zero: Volume Four

The world of Seattle's zombie apocalypse comes to a thrilling conclusion in the final volume of Night Zero, now available for purchase!

Episode Six: Exodus
The complete final episode of the Night Zero serial, including prologue and epilogues, concluding the story of the New City and its survivors
Director's Note
An in-depth look at the three-year evolution and production of Episode Six, from the first draft to the last shot
Behind the Scenes
Photos, facts, and figures from the production-side of Night Zero's epic final episode
A look back at the five-year history of Night Zero and the incredible team who made it all possible
the Cutting Room Floor
Unused photos from the scenes of Episode Six

Now available!

These beautiful books are the culmination of five years, four hundred and fifty people, and tens of thousands of hours. With a new printer and a new post-production process, this is the most stunning, vibrant, and crystal-clear book we've ever made.