NIGHT ZERO is a photo comic book, or fumetti, produced on location in Seattle, Washington. It is a collaboratively-driven project that blends the talents of writers, actors, photographers, digital artists, and film crews, to create a graphic novel unlike any other.


Set in the months following a deadly viral outbreak, NIGHT ZERO follows the lives of the surviving population of Seattle, Washington. Holding together in the New City, a semblance of normalcy barricaded against the terrors of the world outside, those still alive have no choice but to throw their lots in with the rest and make a new future.


NIGHT ZERO is produced like a feature film, shot on-location with a full cast and crew, complete with sets, props, and costumes. Using the emerging technology of High Dynamic Range photography (HDR) and a process called tonemapping, our digital artists are able to transform the images into a unique visual style somewhere between photography and illustration. There is no tracing or hand drawing superimposed on the photographs-- the "illustrated" style is purely the result of the HDR photography method.


NIGHT ZERO is available on this website at no cost, as a regularly updated web comic. One page is added every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, directly accessible on the home page. The production journal is updated every Friday, and contains insights from the production team, updates on future projects, and behind-the-scenes photos from the week's comic pages.

For immediate, customized delivery of updated comic pages and blog updates, NIGHT ZERO is distributed via RSS/Atom feed. When you subscribe to the feed, all updates are sent to the feed reader of your choosing (such as Google Reader).


While digital computer monitors are generally sufficient for internet viewing, most are not color calibrated and lack the range of tones found in printed media. Viewing NIGHT ZERO on a computer is nothing compared to the printed page, so to make NIGHT ZERO available in its true crisp and brilliant colors, the full comic is also being published in trade paperback editions.

Night Zero: Volume One contains the first two stories of the post-apocalypse and Night Zero: Volume Two contains five more. You can learn more about each in the Night Zero store.