To many, the outbreak was the end of the world. To some, it was just the beginning. Anarchists, criminals, and agents of chaos, the Skullhunters are a fierce and merciless collection of the worst of the old world.

Embracing the destruction and thriving without governance, the Skullhunters are professional mercenaries who collect a bounty on every scratcher they kill. While officially indepentent, they secretly collude with Valentin to provide muscle and manpower in exchange for supplies.

Valentin Nazarov

The eldest and most ruthless of the Nazarov siblings, Valentin trained by his father's side his whole life and was groomed to assume control of the family upon Aleksandr's passing. During the outbreak and the war, he carried out his father's instructions without question and was instrumental in the formation of the New City government.

Valentin now leads the New City in his father's footsteps, ruling the survivors with the same severity and discipline he knew growing up. He believes the New City to be a necessity of the utmost importance, and will stop at nothing to preserve it against attack, collapse, sabotage, and complacency. With all the resources of the city at his disposal, Valentin regularly enlists skullhunters to enforce his will and uses fear to strike down dissent and opposition.


When the apocalypse tore society apart, Edge was among the prisoners released by Aleksandr Nazarov to aid in the fight. While he avoids many of the anarchistic associations that define so many other skullhunters, Edge is a hard worker who finds more value in eliminating the infected than just the coin.

While sweeping the university dormitories for infected, he came across a timid survivor named Claire and escorted her to the safety of the New City, but refused to join her there because of guilt about his past.


As rambunctious and short-tempered child, Blaze was prone to stir up mischief just to see what would happen. After all too frequent altercations with the law, the collapse of society was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Never one for organizations or rules, Blaze thrived on the anarchy outside the New City walls, finding comfort in the open streets and desolate ruins. His panache for pyromancy bloomed, and found a perfect mate with the "cleansing" spirit of skullhunter work.

Despite his impulsive tendencies, Blaze's reliablity and effectiveness in dirty work keep him near the top of the skullhunter ranks, where he and Edge form a respectable duo. Their friendship is as much circumstantial as it is symbiotic, and Blaze never fully trusting Edge's loyalty to their work.


The leader of "the Trio" and a ruthless mercenary, West is the most trusted of Valentin's skullhunters. With his compatriots Axel and Sawtooth at his side, West will take any mission and pursue any charge so long as the pay is good.

Always a lover of chance, West is fascinated by the random selection of people who have survived this far. To honor the chaotic chances, he always carries one revolver randomly loaded with live and blank rounds to let chance decide whether his charge lives or dies. His other revolver, however, is always fully-loaded... and he never reveals which is which.


Axel had nothing to lose before the end of the world, and now free of the burderns of civilization he lives a carefree and eccentric life as West's number two. He finds delight in comedy and tragedy both, and decided that if the world had to end so unceremoniously, the only thing to do was to enjoy the carnage.


With a sinister grin and ruthless cunning, Loki leads his band of skullhunters with brutal pragmatism. Among the dozens of prisoners released by the Nazarovs to replenish footsoldiers lost during the War, he enthusiastically proved himself as adept at leading mercenaries as he was at murder and mayhem.

In addition to collecting skulls as soldiers of fortune, Loki's band of skullhunters roamed the ruins of Seattle in search of sport. As arrogant and intelligent as he is heartless, he found a worthy partner in Auntie and the two combined their parties and are now among the most fierce and feared troupes.

Formerly the matron of a deeply-rooted human traffiking ring, the woman known as Auntie found no difficulty putting her talents to work when the world ended. With ruthless brutality she traded and sold lives and quickly found herself the leader of a formidable band of skullhunters and anarchists.

It was tense when the two first ran across each other, but Auntie and Loki's mutual loathing of the average person quickly fused their respective groups. With the combined muscle and resources, they suddenly found an abundance of time to kill, which is when they turned their sociopathic misanthropy into entertainment.


Little is known but much is feared about the mysterious woman known only as Jezebel.

Jezebel's reputation is one of malice, manipulation, and ruthless efficiency. She dances on the cusp of danger with a wicked smile, and those who accompany her often fall by the wayside before long.

In the months following Night Zero, she became among the most ruthless of mercenaries and Valentin's right hand, a tenuous allegiance forming between the two bull-headed rogues. She is his perfect agent, he knows he can never be certain of where her true motivations lie.